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During the past ten years, 68 of the Forbes Fortune 100 companies have come to us looking for solutions.
Since that time we have been fortunate to have ongoing relationships with many of these satisfied customers. However, our material handling expertise is not only limited to the largest companies in the United States and Worldwide. We have successfully created material handling systems for thousands of organizations worldwide, large and small.

If you are in need of a modular office system, engineered to your specific application and completed within your budget, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

ZooPubs is a GSA Prime Contractor registered with the SBA and the Federal Government Central Contractor Registration (CCR). We specialize in turnkey design and installation of Material Handling Systems, such as mezzanines and mezzanine systems, conveyor, temporary walls, pallet rack, partition wall system, wire partitions, modular offices, staff monitoring etc.

We are capable of designing and installing material handling systems for virtually every application. As a Prime Contractor, we are able to integrate many different products to produce a turnkey system. ZooPubs Mezzanines and mezzanine systems can double the square footage of any space at a minimal cost. Powered and gravity conveyors can transport products throughout any work area for more efficient product flow. Pallet rack and steel shelving are some cost-effective ways to increase storage space above or below GSA mezzanines deck. Wire partitions can protect valuable items and equipment from loss. Modular offices can be used to convert warehouse space into office space. The list goes on…

Each of these systems can be integrated with lighting packages, fire suppression systems or a number of other options including complete installation with seamless accuracy.

Contact us today for a free consultation. 949-347-6000 or admin@zoopubs.com

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